A League of Nobleman 君子盟 HD Recording China TV Drama DVD Subtitle English Chinese



A League of Nobleman 君子盟 HD Recording China TV Drama DVD Subtitle English Chinese

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井柏然 Jing Bo Ran 宋威龙 Song Wei Long 洪尧 Hong Yao 郭丞 Guo Cheng 汪铎 Wang Duo 张舒沦 Shawn Zhang

南朝,北部传部兰旺(井柏然饰)常年幹故 于朝堂纷事,看似湿润优雅,实则背后隐藏 着一段鲜为人知的成长史,在一次秘密行动 之中,兰珏偶遇孤身进京赶考、追号理想的 案名少年张屏(宋威尢饰),秦城耿直的张 屏凭借天才般的推理能力疯了客,却也打乱 了兰理原本周密无误的计划、白丸,两个身 份是殊性格迥异的人分师友并与一众少 华君子默契配合,至于探本守护百姓安宁

Zhang Ping is an impoverished orphan who comes from a provincial part of the country. He has come to Beijing in an attempt to take the civil service entrance examination but must eke out a living by making noodles to sell on the street. While he is unsophisticated in his manners and is something of a dreamer, he is exceptionally perceptive - and also quite nosy. That means he is naturally gifted when it comes to solving puzzles and getting to the bottom of mysteries.
Meanwhile, Lan Jue is a young, well-mannered minister who hides a secret from his youth that he does not want to reveal to anyone. As Lan Jue is going about his business, trying to solve a case, his path crosses with that of Zhang Ping. Despite some misunderstandings, Zhang Ping manages to help Lan Jue solve the case - although the former also inadvertently learns the latter's secret. But this incident turns into the beginning of a remarkable partnership. The two men develop a close bond - despite their very different backgrounds. And together, they resolve to solve all manner of mysteries, including what really happened to Lan Jue's father - and rid the royal court of corruption once and for all!

Language : Mandarin
Subtitles : English / Chinese
No of Disc: 5
Region Code : All / Worldwide

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