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    China TV Drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose 传闻中的陈芊芊 DVD
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    China TV Drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose 传闻中的陈芊芊 DVD

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    母胎单身七流编剧陈小千呕心沥血写了一部古装题材大剧,原可顺利开机,却因为演员韩明星对剧本感情戏质疑过多而崩盘。愤懑难平发誓要证明自己能力的她,意外卡进了自己的剧本,变身花垣城地位尊贵但恶评满国的三公主。原本一个活不过三集 的小女配,为了活命开编剧副本,逆转荒唐人生,在不懂套路的犬系少城主韩烁和人设完美外貌满分的花垣城司学裴恒之间,最终学会爱与成长。
    Despite facing criticism from fellow staff, Chen Xiaoqian (Zhao Lusi) exerts all her energy writing her drama screenplay. After falling into a well-earned nap, she finds herself transported into her own screenplay, becoming the hated third princess, Chen Qianqian, who is scheduled to be killed by the male lead, Han Shuo (Ding Yuxi) by episode three. Armed with knowledge of her own story, Chen Xiaoqian must struggle to keep herself alive as well as advance the plot forward by bringing her two lead characters together.

    趙露思 Zhao Lu Si

    盛英豪 Sheng Ying Hao

    丁禹兮 Ding Yu Xi

    趙昕 Zhao Xin

    周紫馨 Zhou Zi Xin

    權沛倫 Quan Pei Lun

    Language : Mandarin
    Subtitles : English / Chinese
    No of Disc: 6
    Region Code : All / Worldwide

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