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    Japanese Drama Video Girl AI 2018 電影少女 DVD

    Japanese Drama Video Girl AI 2018 電影少女 DVD

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    Sho Moteuchi (Shuhei Nomura) is an ordinary high school student who secretly

    likes his beautiful classmate Nanami Shibahara (Marie Iitoyo). However, she fancies

    his good friend Tomoaki Furuya (Hiroya Shimizu). Things do not go well both at

    home and at school. Sho’s parents divorce and he has to stay at the house of his

    father’s young brother Yota Moteuchi (Shigeyuki Totsugi). One day, Sho discovers an

    old, damaged videocassette recorder in his uncle’s storeroom. He seems drawn to the

    recorder and struggles to repair it. Then a video suddenly starts to play and a

    mysterious girl called Video Girl Ai (Nanase Nishino) appears. She jumps out from

    the screen and Sho finds himself living together with her...

    Casting :

    Language : Japanese
    Subtitles : English / Chinese 
    No of Disc: 3

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