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    Kamen Rider Build  Vol.1-49End DVD
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    Kamen Rider Build Vol.1-49End DVD

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    STORY :

    10 years ago, the “Pandora Box” was found on Mars. On Earth, it created walls that divided Japan into Touto (Eastern Capital), Hokuto (Northern Capital) and Seito (Western Capital) and brought along the Smash, unidentified lifeforms that attack people.
    Sento Kiryu, a prodigy physicist, transforms into Kamen Rider Build to fight the Smash.
    在火星发现的神秘箱子――“潘多拉魔盒”打开的瞬间,巨大的墙壁突然出现!故事由此开始。被称为“天空之壁”的墙壁把日本列岛分割为三部分,并由此诞生了各自的首都「东都」「西都」「北都」。 其中在“东都”有被称为Smash的未确认生命体出现并暗中把人类逼入绝境。挡在Smash面前而出现的,是一位青年,其腰上戴着腰带、 手上握着不可思议的瓶子 。「变身!」―― 青年天才物理学者变身为假面骑士Build,阻挡在Smash的面前!

    Language : Japanese
    Subtitles : English / Chinese / Malay
    No of Disc: 4 Disc (49 Episodes )

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