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    Kamen Rider Wizard Vol.1-53 End DVD
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    Kamen Rider Wizard Vol.1-53 End DVD

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    The series' protagonist Kamen Rider Wizard is stated to be the Kamen Rider Series' first magic-using Kamen Rider. The hero Haruto Sohma, portrayed by Junon contest winner Shunya Shiraishi, transforms through the use of the Wizardriver transformation belt that enables him to change between four different classical element-themed forms called Styles. The Styles are Flame Style, Water Style, Hurricane Style, and Land Style.Sohma gains these abilities after surviving being sacrificed as part of a ritual during a solar eclipse, and he helps rescue Koyomi, portrayed by Makoto Okunaka, but not even she is sure if she is a human like Sohma or one of the creatures that were to be summoned in the ritual. Sohma...


    Language : Japanese
    Subtitles : English / Chinese / Malay
    No of Disc: 8 Disc (53Episodes)

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