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    TVB Drama At the Threshold of an Era II 創世紀 II 天地有情 DVD
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    TVB Drama At the Threshold of an Era II 創世紀 II 天地有情 DVD

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    At the Threshold of an Era 2

    Across two centuries, ‘At the Threshold of An Era’ exceedingly expands the second part of 55 episodes of deeply touching stories. Following closely after the first part of exciting plots, all sorts of clues, spite and hatred & love between two generations of YIP family will be settled very soon.Emotionally, all characters are involved in multi-changing love relationship that soon develops into a series of dazzling infatuation. WING TIM (Lo Ka Leung, Gallen) finally realizes that his beloved was HEI YIN (Chan Wai Shan, Flora). However, YIN does not love him anymore. At the same time, a girl MEI NAR (Kwok Ho Ying, Kenix) who looks alike WING YAN suddenly appears. After re-united with his father (Lau Siu Ming), CHI LEK (Koo Tin Lok) is planning to marry TIN NING (Choi Siu Fun, Ada). Unfortunately, NING loses her memory and decides to marry CHI KEUNG (Kwok Chun On) instead. WING HANG (Wu Chi Lung) and TZE WAI (Shiu Mei Ki) have been kidnapped to the Philippines. Their lives are at high risks. Will there be a happy ending with these two lovers? With KIN PING (Wang Ming Chun), HAU LAI (Chun Pui) and KING LEUNG (Kwok Fung), the triangular relationship is intertwining. Where does their love belongs? The ending is out of everybody's expectations.

    Language : Mandarin / Cantonese
    Subtitles : English / Chinese
    No of Disc : 11

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