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    TVB Drama Secret of the Heart 天地豪情 DVD
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    TVB Drama Secret of the Heart 天地豪情 DVD

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    Story :

    Wang (Cheung Ka Fai) is the only son of airline tycoon Pui (Chun Pui). He comes to know Hung (Sunny Chan) by chance and they become bosom friends. Hung’s elder sister Ming (Amy Kwok) and her neighbor, Man, (Gallen Lo) are fated against each other. Man is fond of gambling and loses all of Ming’s savings! What’s worse, Ming is abandoned by her fiancee because of Man! On the other hand, it is discovered that the real son of Pui is Hung instead of Wang. Hung’s mother Mei (Suet Nay) was raped and got pregnant by Pui. Mei was so poor that she couldn’t provide for her own son Wang and was forced to switch the babies. Wang was then brought up by Pui. After the revelation, Wang swears to get back and he unscrupulously tries to do away Hung. He even betrays his lover Yin (Jessica Hester Hsuan)! Fortunately, Hung’s friend Wah (Ada Choy) helps and supports him all along. Can Hung manage to outwit Wang?

    Language : Mandarin
    Subtitles : English / Chinese
    No of Disc : 12 Disc box

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