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    TVB Drama Succession War 天命 DVD
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    TVB Drama Succession War 天命 DVD

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    Title: Succession War

    Starring Ruco Chan & Shaun Tam, this historical drama revolves around HESHEN, the Qing Dynasty’s most powerful official. He was also known for being the most corrupt court official in Chinese history. The drama captures the last 28 days prior to HESHEN’S death, as he engaged in a life or death battle with the JIAQING Emperor - with each episode covering the course of one day. HESHEN dominated the court, monopolizing military power and possessing wealth that rivalled the nation’s. He was a minister with more imperial power than the Emperor, who proved to be a mere figurehead. Humiliated and powerless, he orchestrated an incredible turnaround in which he only took 28 days to kill HESHEN. However, did HESHEN really lose to the JIAQING Emperor - or to his own reckless ambition? Can humans dictate fate? Or is the Mandate of Heaven absolute?

    Language : Cantonese / Mandarin
    Subtitles : English / Chinese 
    No of Disc: 6

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